Mission & Vision

JPTPL was established with an authorized capital of NRs. one Billion and with a paid up
capital of a NRs. half Billion. The initial capital has been collected from all over the country
within the range of NRs. one hundred thousand to NRs. Five million. This is a public
limited company, the first one of its nature in the media company, in the country. The
company is located in the heart of the national capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. JPTPL’s
corporate office is located at Minbhawan, New Baneshwar, Kathmandu-44600. Also, we
can comfortably be connected by toll free telephone number: 16 600 101 236, and email
[email protected] .

Our missions are clearly set to achieve our vision. The major mission are listed below:
 Smoothly operate all wings of the company’s making them a leader in the respective
 Broadcast and publish the quality information and knowledge to make society more
progressive in many respects at a time.

 Make a national integration through quality information and knowledge required for
the better living standard of people.
 Disseminate the information and knowledge both for Nepali and foreign audience
and readers.
 Promote diversified Nepali ethnic and nationalities' culture through media and
 Establish an integrated broadcasting and publishing media for most authentic,
reliable, truthful, credible, and healthy news and opinions.

We stand totally different from others in terms of quality and services with the following
 We are committed to promote and establish a progressive society through our work
via all wings of media,
 We are committed to promote good and dignified relation with the neighboring
countries through our media and publications that help to build the better societies
in the country,
 We publish books, reading materials, other relevant information and knowledge to
serve Nepali society in a meaningful way for the prosperity,
 We are committed to gather the knowledge and literature for the progressive culture
from the all over the globe,
 We are committed to effort for the better society in overall context through
information and knowledge,
 We respect experienced journalists, writers and established authors to affiliate with
us for their input, and we aim to pay and treat them a fair deal.
 We understand that there is quite scarcity of ideological materials and books. We
want to avoid this scarcity through broadcasting the information and publishing
books based on philosophical, ideological and thought provoking matters, and
 We want to contribute to teach business ideas and share the experiences from the
different walks of the society.