Message From CED

Dear visitors,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for visiting this website! Prosperous Nepal and happy Nepali has, now, become a national slogan in the country, and we want to invest our editorial powers to implement this to be truly realized by all walks of Nepali people and societies. We know it needs a systemic reform in the arena of media and communication, for that we want to increase our competence to meet all needs of all stakeholders managing available resources in the best possible capacity.

With a short but proud history of editorial independence, the medias managed by Janata Prasaran Tatha Prakashan Limited have always reacted smartly to the challenging external circumstances and provoked for the enhancement of the quality of the governance, delivery mechanism and fair dealing to and from all the stakeholders of our great nation. We will do everything possible to protect the national interests, and to enhance the delivery mechanism of social organization and government so that more progressive societies are built within the country. We not only understand the role of the medias in a federal republic country, but also, at the meantime, understand the threats and challenges for media organizations in total, particularly of our nature. I hope we can manage those opportunity and challenges with the help of wider stakeholders of the
sector like you.

With the warmest regards,

Dr Ramesh Paudel
Chief Executive Director
Janata Prasaran Tatha Prakashan Limited
Minbhawan, New Baneshwar, Kathmandu, Nepal