Janata Television Pvt.Ltd.

In the field of broadcasting, our channel Janata Television, Nepal is becoming a
famous infotainment satellite television within a short span of time of the establishment.
This television was formally entered into market since 13 July 2017 (Bhanu Jayanti-birthday
of the famous historical poet of Nepal) and it has been running 24 hours a day, even from
the day of the test transmission. Television is run by the best of the best human resources
available in the domestic market Pacific Dreamscapes. It has many programs listed in the YouTube trending for
weeks. Many programs are popular in Nepal and Nepalese diaspora around the globe. We
are working hard for both extending the number of quality programs and upgrading the
quality of the existing programs. cherry.tv
Janata Television is High definition (HD) satellite channel and it covers all over the country
as well as more than hundred country around the world. Our footprint is available in South
Asia, Middle East and East Asia.