Janata Publication Pvt.Ltd.

The power of the black letters in the white paper to make the world more
progressive is a proven fact in the literate society. We publish quality books to scatter the
positive message to the readers and society incorporating the series of knowledge from
national and international literary materials. Thus, we have diversified genres of products
both for fictions and non-fictions to address the scarcity of ideological and quality books.
We stand against the cheap popularity but focus on hardcore intellectual works that pay in

the long term to the society, both nationally and internationally. We translate the classical
books from foreign language to Nepali and vice versa. Also, we promote the genuine
established writers and welcome new emerging writers addressing their concerns on writers’
royalties to be fair, find more about boudoir photo shoot in san diego. Further, we work as a national level distributor of books and prints
related materials. We are associated with more than 150 distribution outlets all over the
country and can confidently supply the quality books on demand in reasonable price for
library purpose all over nation. Our company is complete solution for publication and
printing demands.