Company Overview and  Legal Details

  1. Introduction:

Janata Prasaran Tatha Prakashan Limited (Translation: Peoples’ Broadcasting and Publication Limited) is a public limited company established on 2nd February, 2012 (19 Magh 2068). The company was established with the objective of being one of the authentic and reliable broadcasting and publication institution of Nepal. It has commitment to deliver excellence through its products, i.e. quality books and quality programs in both Television and Radio.

The Company operates a satellite television ‘Janata Television’, ‘Janata Publication’ and an online news portal ‘’. Company aims to operate a FM/radio and a college for Film, Television and Sports Studies in near future.  This Company looks forward to be an integral partner for research and professional communities in Nepal and abroad.

Janata television is a 24/7 mixed Television Channel. It broadcasts entertainment and news based programs catering to the viewers in Nepal and the Nepali Diaspora across the world. The Janata Television can be viewed in more than 100 countries through the satellite signals, and all around the World through IP TV (Internet Protocol Television).

Janata Publication publishes books and provides the service of printing, designing and publishing. Further it is associated to market as a distributer of books from different publishers. It provides the quality collection of books for libraries on demand with reasonable price.

  1. Legal Details:
  1. Company Registration
  • Reg. No: 1322/068/069
  • Year: 2068-10-19 (February 2, 2012)
  • Registered at: Company Registrar Office, Ministry of Industry, GON
  1. VAT/PAN Registration
  • VAT/PAN No: 600425821
  • Year: 2068
  • Registered at: Internal Revenue Department, Lalitpur.
  1. Television Broadcast License
  • License No: 122 – 072/73
  • Satellite TV Broadcasting- 196 – 073/74 – 2073/11/24 – APSTAR7
  • Year: 2073/03/29
  • Uplink Frequency: 6253-6255 MHz
  • Downlink Frequency: 4028-4030 MHz
  • Uplink Center: New Baneshwor, Kathmandu-34, Nepal.