About Us


Janata Prasaran Tatha Prakashan Limited -JPTPL_––translates as: PeopleÚs Broadcasting and Publication Limited –– was established by a group of renowned academics, intellectuals, authors, and entrepreneurs to cater the knowledge and information through which public awareness is possible for raising the voice for good governance and over all development of the societies= Our belief is that the only quality governance can contribute to the overall development and prosperity of the nation and human being The company has collected its capital from the shareholders scattered almost all over the country making the company of a distinct feature in the country, particularly, in terms of investment and management= Because of this peculiar feature, the company is growing exponentially with a due attention and concerns from the various walks of the society in a naturally beautiful and unique country of the World, Nepal Initially, this company entered into the Nepali market with a single string, publication, in 2011 with a name of Milestone Publication Later, it extended its mission to provide a complete basket for information and communication Thus, at this stage, the company has a focus to fill the basket with Television, Radio, online news portal, and a publication house We know that many more to do make it complete basket of knowledge and information.

Accurate, balance and credible information and a suitable platform for the different thoughts are fundamentals for the democratic nation= We believe in diverse voices to create pluralistic society= For this, we intend to add many other wings of media with suitable academic program in the near future While doing this, we aim to develop a progressive culture in every aspect of our nation, particularly; society, economy, culture, and civilization directly employing a significant number of staffs all over the country and abroad among the Nepali diaspora= At this stage, we work broadly in the following four areas: